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Solo Stories:

Doctor Who

Ecologies (Duplicate Doctor, Martha Jones)
Shock Treatment (Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones)
Letters (Alt!Doctor, Alt!Martha Jones)
Naming Day (Tenth Doctor, Alt!Doctor, Martha Jones)
Tannenbaum (Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness)


We'll Always Have Paris (Parker, Alec Hardison)
Sys Admin (Alec Hardison, Parker)

Law & Order | UK

Liminal (James Steel, Alesha Phillips)
Litmus (Alesha Phillips, James Steel)
Stasis (Alesha Phillips, James Steel)
Both Sides Now (Matt Devlin, James Steel)

Series (all Doctor Who):

I'll Meet You on the Other Side
(Alt!Doctor, Alt!Martha Jones, Alt!Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, & others)

Memes, for the [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho_100
WIP (New Who)
The Idea of Order
Complete--2-part frame story
WIP--9/100 moments complete
(Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones)
Adventures, or, Shags Them All
silly crack series; will end when I'm tired of them.
(Tenth Doctor, Rass (oc), everyone in the Whoniverse)


OC Challenge Table for Simon will begin when I'll Meet You is completed
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