This post contains an integrated chronology for Law & Order: UK. I'll update it with new episode material asap after the ep has aired, but it may take a couple of days for RL to give me enough time to watch and scribble.

I’ve merged the episodes best I can, with the following caveats:

  1. Episode 3, “Vice,” doesn’t fit at all as the episode dates don’t follow the 2009 calendar. I’ll list its events after the main calendar listing.

  2. There are undated dates in episodes (i.e.—things are happening and it’s clear that time is passing, but we don’t get any cards or cues beyond change of dress or position of sun. In those cases, I’ve listed the events as "Unknown date" following the nearest recorded date.

  3. Some fixed dates are suspect because of wardrobe changes. Those are noted as well.

This list includes the following episodes:



Tuesday, 6th –“Care”: body discovered in evening—a baby in a duffle bag
Wednesday, 7th —“Care”: Police speak with the coroner, visit the park, decide to track the coat
Thursday, 8th —“Care: Police check shops for coat, find address of deceased, start looking for mother
Friday, 9th —“Care”: Police visit with property owner, find mother at sister’s home, question mother, babysitter, caretaker and discover link to landlady

Monday, 12th —“Care”: Police visit ombudsman*, speak with a former tenant, discover that tenant Mike Turner is on the payroll of the owner.
Wednesday 14th —“Care”: Police visit with CPS; decision to go ahead with Turner’s arrest (arrest in evening)
Thursday, 15th —“Care”: Police tell mother system was sabotaged**, CPS discussion about justifying the arrest

Unknown date —“Care”: CPS gets caretaker to turn on Turner, discussion with Turner and his attorney

Monday, 19th —“Unloved”: Police check CCTV footage, canvass neighborhood near crime scene; coroner tells them kid wasn’t living on the streets; Police get a tip and visit St. Thomas Academy, where they discover kid’s identity, then visit dog track (mum’s ex-boyfriend)
Tuesday, 20th —“Unloved”: Police visit mother in rehab to tell her son is dead ; visit to Social Services, then foster mother; speak with two friends of victim, Jono and Andy, who point them in direction of ex-boyfriend (Stevie)
Unknown Day(s) (may be 20th and 21st) —“Unloved”: Police speak with Stevie’s current girlfriend; review CCTV footage of assault on victim; Police interrogate Jono and Andy, then charge Jono with murder

Wednesday, 28th--"Buried": Skeletal remains found in basement wall; Brooks and Devlin track down identity of boy (death 20 years prior); they meet with the boy's mother, who shares her memories of the day her son disappeared; Devlin wonders how she can still believe in God (after seeing the Rosary over Tommy's picture on the mantle).
Thursday, 29th--"Buried": Police trying to track original suspect, Connor; they track down Julia, daughter of Vernon Mortimer, owner of the building at the time Tommy died; Julia's memory of the events of that day are Really Good; Police visit the Mortimers and discover the new name that Connor has taken.
Friday, 30th--"Buried": Police interview Connor, who has Very Bad Memories about interrogation back in the early 80's, an unfriendly time for gays; Devlin realizes that Julia's statement the day before was precisely the same as it was twenty years before.


Monday, 2nd--"Buried": Police visit Julia again to question her statement; they suspect she's hiding something; they visit Dr. Elizabeth Rawls (of the Fabulous Hair), where they discuss EMDR therapy.
Tuesday, 3rd--"Buried": Police return to Julia's shop and convince her to meet with Dr. Rawls.
Wednesday, 4th —“Unsafe”: Old dude with a metal detector finds a body near the Thames; Police investigate identity by locating the manufacturer the victim’s watch (name: David Ackroyd)
Thursday, 5th —“Unsafe”: Police visit Louise Ackroyd (victim’s daughter); Police discover discrepancies between actual facts as presented by the body and the evidence used at trial years prior to convince Luke Slade of Ackroyd’s death (different place of burial, cause of death); Police locate key witness in previous trial, who promptly freaks out
Thursday, 5th--"Buried": Julia's first visit with Dr. Rawls; Brooks and Devlin watch the tapes at some point afterward; Rawls tells them she can't rush it.

Saturday, 14th--"Paradise": Father and daughter discover building on fire; Ronnie and Matt come to scene to find a line of dead bodies in a run-down nightclub.
Sunday, 15th--"Paradise": Natalie, Ronnie, and Matt at club discussing fire with fireman (40 injured/17 dead); no CCTV footage available for area, they don't know who owns the building; Ronnie and Matt go to Whittington Hospital to interview manager, who tells them about a fight in the club; they find the woman the manager mentioned, who tells them how to find the guy they suspect; back at the precinct (?), Ronnie and Matt question Mickey, who uses the X-Box alibi (I loved this).

Between Sunday, 15th and Tuesday, 17th--"Paradise":
  • Ronnie tells Matt that he could understand the desire to kill over love

  • The very cool detective chick (whose name I need to track down) confirms the XBox alibi

  • Birsen Ozkan (mother of one of the victims) shows up at the station and exhorts them to find the killer

  • George makes an appearance on the telly asking for leads

  • Natalie brings in the piece of plastic found at the crime scene; the whole windshield wiper reservoir explanation

  • Nurse from hospital calls Matt to tell him that a burn victim wouldn't let them treat him

  • Ronnie and Matt visit hospital and see X-ray of burn victim--has something in his leg

Tuesday, 17th--"Buried": Julia's seventh session; Dr. Rawls pushes her to talk about what she saw; she reveals that she saw her father standing over Tommy's dead body in the basement.
Wednesday, 18th--"Buried": Alesha and James review the tapes; Alesha believes her, but James is skeptical about whether they can build a case.
Wednesday, 18th--"Paradise": Matt and Ronnie visit the address given by burn victim at hospital and discover that their suspect is a theif who works in a hotel kitchen; they visit the Highbury Barn Hotel and pants Nazim Kasaba, who is definitely suffering from a burn on his leg; back at the precinct, Kasaba refuses treatment and maintains his innocence; Natalie calls CPS to see about forcing the surgery, Ronnie and Matt hit the streets to find out what they can; Matt gets a text that Steel will try to get court order.
Thursday, 19th--"Paradise": Central Criminal Courts--Steel argues for the removal of the plastic from Kasaba's leg but loses; he, Matt, and Ronnie meet Mrs. Ozkan outside and Steel promises to find the person; Kasaba rushed to hospital because infection is very bad; Ronnie and Matt wait until doctor brings them the piece of plastic.
Between Thursday, 19 and Monday, 23rd--"Paradise": Matt meets with Forensics Guy, who confirms plastic is a match for piece found at scene AND it's got petrol on it. Hurray!

Between Thursday, 19th and Wednesday, 25th--"Buried": James and Alesha meet with Julia, and James plays defense attorney to test her story; George isn't keen on the case, but James and Alesha fight to move forward; Alesha catches up with James after work to tell him that Julia has alerted her parents about the investigation.

Monday, 23rd--"Paradise": George, James, and Alesha on the street discuss case and need to get a motive; James and Alesha meet with Nazim and his lawyer at the hospital, where they discover that he was hired by Ediz Kilic to set the fire in order to send a message to disgruntled immigrants who felt Kilic cheated them.
Tuesday, 24th--"Paradise": George is concerned that Kilic is a well-respected member of the Turkish community, but James and Alesha press the need to investigate him, especially since he keeps a private office behind a sporting goods shop; Alesha, Matt, and Ronnie visit the shop (and the guys trash it!) to search the office.
Wednesday, 25th--"Paradise": Alesha brings James evidence recovered from Kilic's office, and James finds out that an old friend, Faruk Osman, may be connected; James and Alesha visit Faruk to tell him that his name appears on the forged documents, and Faruk says he'll investigate but it may take time; James tells Alesha to investigate any connection between Faruk and Kilic, which horrifies Alesha, and she and James have a heated discussion about race and fairness and friendship; Alesha shows James that Faruk has been photographed at events with Kilic.
Thursday, 26th--"Buried": James meets with the Mortimers; as they leave work that day, Alesha comes in to tell James she's discovered that Vernon Mortimer was sacked
Thursday, 26th--"Paradise": James visits Faruk, who is offended by the suggestion that he might be connected with Kilic; James pleads with Faruk, but Faruk kicks him out of his office.
Friday, 27th--"Paradise": James tells George he doesn't think Faruk is involved when Alesha comes in with (AWESOME) investigative news: she's connected Kilic to an arsonist who has confessed to giving Kilic information on how to set the fire; Alesha and James visit the Royal & Colonial Club (James is a member) to arrest Kilic.

Between Friday, 27th and Friday, March 6th--"Buried": Alesha meets with Mortimer's old boss, who tells her that he was a great salesman and propositioned little boys; Alesha speaks to the boy he was caught propositioning; George still isn't convinced, but James and Alesha fight him; Dr. Rawls calls and they find out that Julia has remembered her father's sexual abuse.

Between Friday, 27th and Monday, March 2--"Paradise": James and Alesha meet with Kilic & his lawyer; Faruk brings James evidence of involvement of a former member of his office; James and Alesha have a walk along the river, where we discover that James's wife was a toast-tosser and Alesha had a boyfriend and James is rubbish.


Monday, 2nd--"Paradise": Alesha interviews the guy helping Kilic, who tells her about the car that Kilic purchased from him before the fire; Alesha meets with Kilic's mechanic, who shows her that the junky car was missing wiper reservoir; Alesha gets praise (and a drink!) from George in his office.

Monday, 9th--"Buried": Crown vs. Mortimer, Plea and Case Management Hearing; Alesha there to set and go over bail stipulations.
Unknown date--"Buried": Julia visits Steel's office--she's unwilling to go through with the case; on her way out, she runs into Tommy's mother, who talks her into going through with it.

Monday, 16th —“Unloved”: CPS gets a visit from Jono’s attorney, Bea McArdle, who George reveals is James’s ex; Alesha bribes Ronnie with pain au chocolat (can’t recall why at the moment. ETA: "Alesha asks Ronnie to get witness statements from all the kids regarding the fight that saw Jono suspended from school."--thanks, [ profile] persiflage_1!), then visits Jono’s mum, foster mum; Alesha pleads for leniency for Jono, but George and James both disagree.

Monday, 23rd —“Care”: Pre-trial review @ Central Criminal Court; Turner’s previous conviction allowed into evidence
Thursday, 26th--"Paradise": Central Criminal Courts--Alesha and James prepping when James discovers the motive--the stolen passport stamp had expired; more Faruk-angst from James.


Monday, 6th —“Unloved”: Trial Day 1 (Crown v. Blake); private/closed trial (no wigs), Andy testifies
Monday, 6th--"Buried": Trial Day 1 (Crown v. Mortimer); Tommy's mom testifies, Mortimer and his lawyer confront Steel outside; Mortimer is concerned for his daughter, but won't confess.
Tuesday, 7th —“Care”: Trial Day 2 (Crown v. Turner); Serena, a gas expert, and Dionne (mother) testify; Alesha speaks with Dionne outside before she gives her testimony
Between Tuesday, 7th & Wednesday, 8th —“Care”: Wanky translator in the jury box gets the trial aborted; scuffle among the CPS staff regarding retrying the case and going after Walters (owner) as well (Alesha wants to go for the jugular, George wants a lesser charge, Steel backs up George); discussion with Turner, Walters, and their counsel; CPS decides to see if there’s a bribe-taking inspector out there.
Thursday, 9th —“Care”: Bribe Day, Ronnie traps the inspector, CPS gets him to talk, CPS gets Turner to turn on Walters
Thursday, 9th--"Buried": Trial Day 4 (Crown v. Mortimer); Julia testifies and the defense tears her apart; in the Robing Room, Alesha worries they're going to lose, but James is sure the father in Vernon will come out; Vernon testifies and confesses when James cross-examines him; outside the court, Julia leaves her mother to join Tommy's mom; Steel and Phillips walk off under his umbrella.
Friday, 10th —“Unloved”: Trial Day 5 (Crown v. Blake); Jono testifies, footage of earlier playground beating he gave another boy.

Between Friday, 10th and Wednesday, 13th May —“Unloved”: McArdle applies for retrial/plea change; Judge hears arguments regarding her new theory of the case; CPS offices are under “siege” as notices of appeal begin pouring in over the word that McArdle can pursue her “warrior gene” defense; George argues with James and then attacks Alesha (“you’ve got what you wanted”)

Wednesday, 15th —“Unsafe”: Police bring case files to CPS/James to prep for Slade’s appeal

Monday, 20th —“Unsafe”: Slade’s Appeal; Slade is well-researched; evening—Alesha finds James researching on floor, we learn that this was his 1st case at the CPS
Tuesday, 21st —“Unsafe”: Slade’s Appeal; Steel has no evidence to support his new theory of the crime, judge calls for retrial, press outside record Slade’s grandstanding as Steel fumes.

Unknown date —“Unsafe”: Steel visits Louise at parents’ graveside when Slade shows up; there are words and Louise no longer trusts Steel

Tuesday, 28th —“Unsafe”: CPS meets with Police—have to prove case again; Police speak to ex-girlfriend, locate car (“Forensicate isn’t a word”), and Matt Devlin delivers the creepiest come-on line to Alesha as the forensics guy talks about what he found in the car


Tuesday, 5th —“Care”: Trial Day 12 (Crown v. Walters)—Lawyers present the wrap-up, Verdict delivered: guilty.

Monday, 11th —“Unsafe”: in the Robing Room at Central Criminal Courts, George gives James a pep talk before Alesha rushes in to tell them that the main witness (Richie) is missing***; Steel tries to buy more time but the answer is NO; Police charged with finding more witnesses.
Tuesday, 12th*****--"Alesha": Alesha visits Merrick's office, where she's molested; Alesha reports molestation to Natalie, Ronnie, and Matt.
Wednesday, 13th--"Alesha": Ronnie and Matt visit the GMC and discover that Merrick has a sterling record; they visit the one hospital he didn't appear to stay at for long, but find out nothing useful.
Wednesday, 13th —“Unsafe”: Police discuss Slade with his former cell mate and make a deal for his testimony
Wednesday, 13th —“Unloved”: Dr. Elizabeth Rawls evaluates Jono, then discusses evaluation with Steel

Between Wednesday,13th May and Tuesday, 19th May--"Alesha":
Ronnie and Matt check financial records to find out who has stopped seeing Merrick; they have a conversation regarding the fact that were this any other woman, they wouldn't be investigating further; they discover Donna Miller, Dianne Perkins, and Laura Todd.

Between Wednesday, 13th May and Monday, 18th May —“Unsafe”:
  • Ex-girlfriend testifies

  • Danny (ex-cell mate) testifies

  • CPS gets into a huge fight later that evening till Alesha stops George & James from fighting

  • Slade testifies

  • Verdict: not guilty

  • James & George chat that evening; George indicates there’s something nasty round the corner for James as Slade has filed complaint

  • In George’s office: James given notice of suspension pending hearing for “gross misconduct”; James packs up to leave

  • Slade approaches James outside offices; they have words

  • Same day? Alesha meets James at a pub (?), they chat and decide to find out what happened to Richie (missing witness), and they investigate back at the office; George shows up, but they are relieved when he pretends he doesn’t see them doing what they’re doing

  • Steel visits with Danny at the prison and gets info from him about Richie

Tuesday, 19th —“Unsafe”: Police looking for Freddie (and can I just say that I love how Ronnie lets Matt do all the chasing?); Police find Richie’s body in the boot of a junked car; Slade is arrested, Steel meets with him, Slade taunts Steel with info about his son, Steel walks away.
Tuesday, 19th--"Alesha": Ronnie and Matt visit Donna Miller and Dianne Perkins (may visit Laura Todd that day as well).
Wednesday, 20th--"Alesha": May visit Laura Todd this day (clothing); Ronnie and Matt update Natalie, who says they need more; they go back to Donna Miller and discover Merrick is sadist whose first wife committed suicide; Matt and Natalie argue about whether or not to pursue then Natalie tells him to take what they have to Steel.
Thursday, 21st--"Paradise": Crown v. Kilic, Trial Day 9--James questions Kilic; verdict: guilty; alley where club was, James meets up with Mrs. Ozkan, who touches his chest before leaving him at the memorial.
Thursday, 21st--"Alesha": Steel is telling Ronnie and Matt why they can't proceed when Alesha walks in; she doesn't take the news well.

Tuesday, 26th--"Alesha": Alesha's second visit to Merrick's office; Alesha is drugged and raped; Ronnie and Matt arrive at the trauma center she's gone to (she called them); Alesha tells Matt what happened and gives him the video camera.

Unknown day —“Unsafe”: Steel visits Ackroyd graveside, helps Louise replace flowers

Unknown dates post-13th May —“Unloved”:
    Day 1
  • Riots outside courthouse

  • Rawls testifies regarding “warrior gene”

  • Danny’s mom (victim) attacks McArdle in lobby; James tries to help her

  • Jono’s mom testifies (I wanted to cry along with Jono)

  • Evening: McArdle shows up at pub where James is having drink; Jono wants to meet with Steel

  • Day 2
  • James meets with Jono, who wants to plead guilty

  • ??? Day
  • Jono pleads guilty

  • ??? Day
  • Steel visits Jono in jail; asks him to meet with Rawls

Unknown dates post 26th May--"Alesha":

  • George, James, Ronnie, and Matt in CPS offices to view the tape of the rape; Matt and Ronnie give James the news that they got no evidence from Merrick's office; Ronnie gets call that there were traces of GHB in Alesha's samples; Alesha arrives in the office; Matt and Ronnie urge Alesha to go home before George ushers them out; James and Alesha talk--she begs him to prosecute the case and he agrees

  • Ronnie and Matt arrest Merrick

  • George and James walk by the river and discuss the difficulties of the case they're going to pursue


Tuesday, 6th--"Alesha": Crown v. Merrick, Trial Day 1; James and Phyllis Gladstone spar before the trial begins; Alesha testifies, the tape is viewed; Gladstone reveals her connection to Dianne Phillips, a former patient of Merrick's; the judge dismisses Alesha and the jury while Gladstone and James argue about the nature of the evidence Gladstone has presented, but the judge decides to keep it in; James walks up to Alesha in the hall and tells her she should have told him
Unknown date (could be 6th)--"Alesha": Alesha and Matt at a bridge; she tells him about her connection to Dianne (friends at uni, felt responsible because she sent Dianne to Merrick for help with a fertility problem)

Tuesday, 13th--"Alesha": Crown v. Merrick, Trial Day 6; in the robing room, George gives James a pep talk (those never work); Merrick testifies, James cross examines; verdict: not guilty; in the robing room after, James attacks Gladstone for her part in helping Merrick go free; outside, James finds Alesha, tells her he's sorry and that it's unlikely they'll ever get him now, she takes the blame for not telling him about Dianne.

Unknown dates post Tuesday, 13th--"Alesha":
    Day 1
  • James tells George of his plan to catch Merrick.

  • James enlists Matt's help.

  • Ronnie and James get Natalie's permission.

  • Day 2
  • Ronnie and James arrest Merrick at a taped press conference.

  • George and James watch Merrick and Gladstone on news report.

  • Day 3
  • Gladstone and Merrick in James's office; Alesha brings in the files of 14 complaintants, including Dianne Perkins

  • George's office--Gladstone raises hell about the bogus arrest, George goads her, James makes it clear he'll be satisfied with nothing less than a life sentence.

  • Everyone is alone at the end in their own lives.

Now for the outlier: “Vice”


Monday, 22nd —“Vice”: Crime discovered
Tuesday, 23rd —“Vice”: Police talk to local prostitutes
Wednesday, 24th —“Vice”: Police visit Battle Fieldz (victims workplace); visit victim’s wake (he’s an ex-cop)
Thursday, 25th —“Vice”: Police return to Battle Fieldz to discuss credit charges with owner
Friday, 26th —“Vice”: Police trace suspect company (Velvet Holdings) through postal service to a kids’ shop, Toby’s Playroom, which is owned by two mothers****.
Saturday, 27th —“Vice”: Police arrest the two mothers

Monday, 29th —“Vice”: CPS gets the case file; James and Alesha visit the husband of the accused (Emma); Alesha views video footage from hotel and learns that the client being serviced was the owner of Battle Fieldz, not the victim (Frank)

Unknown date —“Vice”: CPS visits the paintball place to establish motive

Unknown date between end of January—early April —“Vice”: Emma confesses to killing Frank, but says was self-defense from rape


Tuesday, 10th —“Vice”: Trial Day 1 (Crown v. ????); defense is patronizing
Thursday, 12th —“Vice”: Trial Day 3; Evidence presented that Frank was focus of several complaints when he was on the force with regard to blackmailing prostitutes; Alesha finds out that Emma’s saliva wasn’t on the lipstick around Frank’s penis

Post 12th April —“Vice”: Emma’s husband testifies; Emma testifies; Verdict: Guilty

* Wardrobe indicates this action actually takes place on day prior.
** This may happen the day previous; I have to recheck wardrobe between the 2 scenes.
*** Note to self: there’s a story in the Robing Room, y/n?
****The date of the crime is noted as the Wednesday, not the Monday here, which is clearly wrong.
*****Assuming this date because of wardrobe changes with next date.

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