[livejournal.com profile] newworldnewlove hosted a 10 Word Drabble-fest this week. The challenge was to tell a story about a Martha (canon or Alt) and Handy using 10 word lines. I wrote four; the first is a multi-line tale, but for the others I tried to tell a story in only ten words. I'm calling them "dribbles." Varying levels of fail all around, but I thought it good to archive them here.

Story 1

She sees him as Earth bound now, a fellow wanderer.
For a moment she thinks she could be truly happy.

Then she thinks of Tom, and knows she already is.

Story 2

Earth returns and Rose spurns; Martha learns how Handy yearns.

Story 3

Doctor lies. UNIT tries. Cortex fries. Handy dies. Martha cries.

Story 4

He did not think that she was a viable option.

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