Title: Adventure 5: Experiment No. 1

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Martha, Rass (oc)

Rating: NC-17

A/N: For those new to the game, you can catch up on Rass’s exploits here.

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] concordiaadieu for providing a bit of beta!

Adventure 5: Experiment No. 1

“It seems the little head has a mind of its own.” Martha watched as the EEG line spiked and began frantically moving across the screen. “Sorry. You’re quite majestic, you know, in your own way.” She bent forward and gently kissed Rass’s head. The line moved a bit less erratically, and she returned her attention to the Doctor, who was now propped up on his elbows on the bed. From the readouts on the monitor attached to his head, she could see that his mind was racing as he tried to sort out exactly how this had happened.

“Time Lords,” Martha sighed. “You lot are just amazing, you know that? I mean, lop off a hand and you grow a new one—and then keep the old one around to grow a new body! You say, ‘You know, I think I’ll grow a penis today’ and wham, you’ve got one, but not just an ordinary penis, no, that would be too easy. Yours can communicate, can think, and—“ her tone had become increasing incredulous “—it can even access space and time!” She paused and glanced at the Doctor, who now looked very, very frightened, and winked. “I might never leave.” She sat next to his outstretched body on the bed, and gave him a gentle, but insistent, kiss.

His hand reached up to pull her closer as his tongue slipped into her mouth. Martha moaned softly, the Doctor groaned deeply, and Rass’s line on the monitor became a blur of motion. Of course, neither of them noticed that, but the Doctor was definitely aware that his new friend was becoming quite anxious to be under cover and in motion. He chuckled as Martha paused their kiss. “You know what? I am good.”

“Oy!” cried Martha, and she pinched him. “I couldn’t be the judge of that,” she sniffed, rising from the bed and folding her arms before her.

“What?” The Doctor was crestfallen, and even Rass’s monitor showed that he’d lost a bit of his vigor. “Didn’t you enjoy that? Back at your flat? Wasn’t I,” his eyes looked downward, “good?”

Martha felt a bit of pity for him as she remembered the nervousness that accompanied her first time, and every first time with a new lover. She sat back on the bed and stroked his cheek, taking care not to remove the electrodes. “You were lovely,” she said gently, “and I can’t wait for us to figure out how to deal with the cheering section,” she moved her hand to gently touch Rass, eliciting a soft moan from the Doctor’s throat, “so that we can continue what we started. I’ve got loads to teach you about human women.”

“Really?” he smirked, a bit of his playful arrogance returning. “Well, then, Dr. Jones, what say we get back to work so that we can get back to my lessons.” He raised a finger to the opening at the neck of her blouse, then traced a line from the hollow of her throat to the point where one tiny button frustrated his desire to expose her breast to his tongue. Martha released Rass, then rose to collect the notepad she’d been using to record results from the tests. She returned to the bed, which she maneuvered to raise the Doctor’s torso so that he was in a nearly upright position. He scooted over to give her room, and she sat next to him as they reviewed the results together.

To any passerby, it would have seemed the strangest sight. There was the patient, naked save the small white circles attached to his forehead, temples, penis, and scrotum, and the doctor, fully clothed (including lab coat), sitting next to each other on the bed. After watching for a few moments, our fictitious passerby would notice that the patient’s arm had snaked around the doctor’s waist, removed the blouse from the waistband of her trousers, and begun the ascent up her torso. They’d also see the doctor’s hand gently removing the electrodes from the patient’s penis and scrotum, then begin to gently stroke the patient’s thighs, hips, and belly while they argued over the test results. Our observer, utterly entranced by the sight of two people molesting each other while discussing scientific and telepathic principles, would have learned, as Martha and the Doctor did, the following important lessons about Time Lord and Human anatomy:

  1. The Doctor’s penis was, in fact, sentient and telepathic, although to what extent the telepathy extended the Doctor could not say, since he seemed unable to actually communicate with Rass in any way other than through touch. He couldn’t, no matter how he grasped and stroked and pleaded and concentrated, actually hear what Rass may or may not be thinking. He could only feel the sensations any humanoid male might feel emanating from this wondrous and maddening appendage.

  2. Time Lord penises do not like being thought of as “appendages,” as the word implies to their minds a vestigial, and not entirely integral, purpose. The Doctor, of course, doesn’t see things this way, and can’t understand why his penis suddenly went limp in Martha’s hand, but quickly ascertains that speaking the word “appendage” shuts down all strengthening processes, and vows to strike the word from his vocabulary, along with any others that might diminish minimize shorten truncate decrease lessen upset his newest companion.

  3. Time Lord penises respond well to the scent of a Human female’s arousal.

  4. They are even more responsive to the taste.

  5. Especially when their host body’s tongue and nose are in contact with the font of the aforementioned scent’s source.

  6. It is fairly easy to lower a hospital bed whilst in the throes of pre-orgasmic ecstacy, a lesson for which Martha Jones was very grateful. This was really of little importance for the Time Lord/Human anatomy lesson but that it made learning the last lesson easier.

Our voyeuristic hospital visitor has just been found out by the night nurse, who heartily disapproves of his choice of masturbatory location, and whisks him off to a nearby examination room, where she will most energetically and enthusiastically rehearse the scene we real voyeurs are about to witness in the TARDIS Med Bay.

Martha quickly removed her lab coat after tossing aside the notepad. Her trousers had long since been cast to the floor and she knew that her blouse would follow them as soon as the Doctor could tear himself away from the feast between her legs. Her hands clutched and grasped at his hair as his nose and tongue licked and probed and sucked at her. His oral abilities were astounding, and his tongue was part explorer (licking long strokes to trace her boundaries), part finger (touching and circling around her clit like a button or a trackball—the most apt, but utterly unsexy image she could conjure. She’d never look at her laptop in quite the same way), part suction cup (when joined with his lips to suckle gently, then not so gently, at the swelling bud), part spelunker (diving into the damp, hot cavern only his hand and cock had experienced earlier. His tongue was eager to dwell in this cave, his nose having replaced it as the finger on her clit).

As Martha writhed beneath him, her moans increasing in volume and number, her cries of “yes,” and “Doctor” urging him on to finish a race he didn’t realize he was in, he remembered how she’d responded earlier in her flat and slipped one, then two, then three fingers into her, and returned his lips and tongue to their earlier post at the now-engorged nub. Her hands froze on his head as her hips began to buck against his mouth and hands, and his fingers could feel her muscles contracting as they thrust into her faster and faster to match her frantic rhythm. She caught him by surprise when she came, her hips thrusting upward one last long lingering time, her moans turning into cries, and as he sucked and licked her while she whimpered softly, he’d never been so happy to hear his name spoken through tears. When she’d calmed, she stroked his hair gently, and he rested his chin at the base of her belly, his fingers stroking her softly.

“Was that good then?” he smiled at her, and she nodded as she covered her eyes with her right hand.

“Very good. In fact,” she said, propping herself up on her elbows to look him in the eye, “I have a hard time believing you’ve never done that before.”

“Well,” he looked thoughtful, as though he were accessing a huge haystack of a database to search out one cyber needle, “I do have a fondness for licking things, although I can’t really say that I’ve ever had—or given—this particular pleasure.” He grinned as he shifted to look at Rass, who was calmly, but attentively, awaiting his turn. “I must admit that now I’m wondering what it would feel like to—“

His voice trailed off, and Martha took his meaning quite readily, patting the space on the bed next to her. “Lie down then,” she commanded, her strength returning along with her desire to continue her exploration of her new friend, “and let me examine you a bit further.”

He shifted his body, positioning his feet near her head. “You know Martha,” he said, an idea dawning on him as she began to move her body, “we’re nearly perfectly positioned to—oh, my, Martha Jones, you’re brilliant,” he hissed through his now-clenched teeth as Martha lowered her mouth onto his cock. His fingers gripped the bed linens as he felt her sucking him.

I’m not going to last very long if you keep this up, Rass said—quite calmly, she noted.

Sorry, she replied. I just usually like to make a grand entrance, she thought, then she slowly dragged her tongue up the underside of his cock from the base to the tip, pausing to lick the bead of moisture at the end of her journey before sliding him back into her mouth. That better?

“Yessss,” hissed the Doctor, and for a moment, Martha thought that he might have heard her thoughts. She needed to test this theory.

Rass, she began, what’s the square root of 65?

How should I know? Oh, yes Martha, that’s lovely. Swirl your tongue just like that.

She tried again. What are happy primes?

Mmm, that’s so—happy primes? Ask him about that, why don’t you—that’s his purview, not mine. Now, back to your mouth. You know what would really complement this fantastic thing you’re doing with your tongue along that ridge? If you’d move your hand from his thigh to stroke my balls—oh, yes, just like that, you ARE good, you know—and if you feel so inclined, after a while you can—yes, I was thinking you might want to touch him there, but maybe not just yet. I’d like to enjoy this a bit longer.

You’ve got a gob as bad as him, Martha thought. This will shut you up.

Martha increased the pressure of her licking as she pushed a finger into the Doctor’s arse and pressed against him from within. The Doctor began to thrust into her mouth, and she stroked his shaft as her mouth and tongue sucked and licked at Rass’s head. She could hear the Doctor’s moans nearly drowning out Rass’s grunts and whimpers.

“Oh, Martha, oh, yes, so good…so…oh…Martha, I…uh…oh oh oh OH OH…MARTHAAAAA!”

Like hers had done before, his hips lifted from the bed as he came, and Martha could feel, taste, smell, and see (in her mind’s eye) the fruit of her labors, her mind filled with that same golden glow she’d experienced before. This is what time tastes like, she thought as she swallowed then lapped and gently sucked at him to extract everything she could.

Sort of, said Rass, although it’s really more a fusion of his seminal fluid and the regeneration energy, which is a form of time, but not time per se.

Happy primes are out of your purview but you’ll natter on at me about the finer points of time and regeneration?

I only bother with the topics that are directly relevant to my own livelihood and, she could swear she felt him smirking in her mind, my pleasure. You’re delightful, Martha Jones. I think I’ll take a small rest now.

He softened and slipped from her mouth. Martha chuckled as she gave him a gentle kiss, then she began a slow journey north, kissing and lapping her way up the Doctor’s torso until she reached his lips, which she assaulted as soon as they came into view. His arms held her close to him as they kissed languidly, and he enjoyed the taste of her mingled with what he knew was his own essence.

They rested for a while, his hands stroking her back through the material of her blouse while her head lay on his chest and her hands played with the soft hair there. Martha was the first to speak.

“I think I may have sorted out what’s going on with Rass,” she said, “but first I need to ask you a question.”

“Right now, Martha Jones, there’s no question to which I’d deny you an answer,” he sighed, and for a moment Martha wondered whether she should ask a very different sort of question to the one she’d planned. No, she had to sort this out.

“What are happy primes?”

His hand stopped abruptly at the small of her back. “Is this what you humans talk about after sex? Recreational mathematics? Brilliant! Well,” he began, “happy primes are—wait. Haven’t I already told you about them before?”

“When?” she asked.

“Back on that cargo ship, you know, with the pub quiz and the unscrupulous captain and the ‘burn with me’—ooo, I think that may have new meaning for us now, Martha, eh?—and you almost fell into that sun—don’t you remember?”

“Yes,” she said tentatively, “but is that the only time we’ve discussed it?”

“Well—“ he thought carefully “–I don’t recall any other time we’ve chatted about mathematics ever, so yes, that would be it.”

“That’s what I thought,” Martha sighed, then propped herself up on an elbow to look into the Doctor’s eyes. “You didn’t hear a word of my conversation with Rass, did you?”

The Doctor nearly knocked Martha off the bed as he bolted to sit up straight. “He spoke to you again?”

“Yes, he did, and let’s get one thing straight right now, Mister.” The Doctor could see a bit of Francine in Martha’s eyes and was momentarily scared, then not a little bit turned on. “You’ve got to work on your post-coital manners. I know you’re excited, but you nearly pushed me onto the floor just then!” The Doctor was cowed for a moment, but Martha could quickly see the return of the playful gleam in his eyes. “All right, you can be enthusiastic about this little mystery,” she sighed, “but can we move to a bigger bed? This one’s a bit small and this room’s a bit sterile.”

He nodded, then gathered their clothing and the notes from the tests before offering Martha his hand. He put his arm around her shoulder to pull her close, then snuck a quick kiss. Our earlier voyeur, just now sneaking out of the exam room where the night nurse is softly sleeping, would see a strange sight were he standing at the door to the hallway—a very tall, very pale, very naked man holding his clothing in one arm and a dark-skinned almost-naked woman in the other as they chatted and strolled down the corridor. Something in their manner—perhaps the ease of their movements, the gentle laughter they shared, or, more likely, the way the man’s hand slowly slid down the woman’s back to stop at the soft curves of her arse—would send him back in to the nurse, ready for a second round of examination. Of course, in doing so, he’d have missed the final, and most important bit, of the Time Lord/Human anatomy lesson:

The only way to hear what a Time Cock has to say is for said Time Cock to be inside the body of the hearer.

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