Title: Sys Admin
Fandom: Leverage
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fourzoas
Characters: Parker, Hardison
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Spoilers: 1.06 The Stork Job
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Leverage. Just having some fun.
A/N: not my main fandom, but I felt inspired at the end of The Stork Job.

He understands systems. He learned about them as a child, when he learned that he belonged in the works, behind the scenes. He likes it there, every move mediated by a screen, a handle, a code that hides who he is.

He understands systems. He watches, listens, sees how people work together, can tell when they’re in danger of screwing up on their own. Some came to his Nana’s so broken they couldn’t seem to be part of things. He’d learned to read their triggers, to see which inputs produced what outputs, and it didn’t take long to sort out the right protocol to access their operating system.

In his own way, he knows how to tame wild things.

There’s shouting and running and he hears shots fired as he lays the last of the charges. He grins as he walks out of the dark, dank warehouse and sees the battered blue bus and a group of confused Serbian gangsters. She’s framed in the bus doorway, her hands gripping the sides of the door, a confused angel surprised that her instinctive act of sacrifice has been rendered unnecessary by the work of her new family. That’s how they all learned, the orphans in Nana’s home, that they were finally part of something good. Not perfect, never perfect. Just good.

He looks into her eyes as he pushes the button. One less crappy orphanage in the world, he thinks and smiles to give this gift to her. He understands systems; one day, she’ll understand him.

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