Title: Shags Them All, or, Adventures
Chapters: as many as I feel like writing
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rass, and everyone in the Whoniverse
Word Count: ????
Rating: Just be prepared for sorta cracky pr0n; if slash/medical exams/TARDIS-lovin' squicks you, stay away.
Spoilers: everything in televised canon, maybe some non-televised stuff too.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Whoniverse.

A/N: God forgive me, I just couldn't resist. By the way, Rass is the Doctor's newly-generated penis.

Prologue: My Buddy
Adventure 1: New Beginnings
Adventure 2: First Love
Adventure 3: The Checkup
Adventure 4: First Contact
Adventure 5: Experiment No. 1
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